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At Harry Balfour School, KinderSmart is a two-day a week play-based addition to a student's regular Kindergarten program. Students attend full-days of school Monday through Thursday, which allows them more time at school to access necessary supports and programs to help set them up for success as they enter Grade 1.
KinderSmart KinderSmart
KinderSmart students benefit from:
  • Small class sizes
  • Reading intervention
  • Speach support
  • Gross and fine motor support
  • School Family Teams
  • Free busing

Program Fees

KinderSmart is a fee-based program. Families can either pay a fee of $325 per month or pay the full amount up front.
KinderSmart does not qualify for childcare subsidy. Families should refer to the Government of Canada - CRA Child Care Expenses Information to determine which expenses can be claimed on your income tax.


Families can register for KinderSmart online. You will need to upload scanned copies or photos of:
  • Your child's birth certificate
  • A piece of mail showing your home address
  • Any court orders affecting your child
For more information or to request a tour, please contact the school at