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Students at the Junior High Level participate in various sports against teams from other junior high schools in the Peace Wapiti School Division #76, GPPSD and GPRCSD. An attempt is made to involve as many students as possible on various teams and in individual sports. Membership on a team requires attendance at practices, games after school and tournaments on the weekends, as well as maintaining satisfactory level on Team Excellence.

Sports include:
Badminton - individual and team
Track and Field

It is the belief of Harry Balfour School that interschool sports should be available free of charge or at a minimal cost. Student athletes will not be charged a fee to cover transportation costs, referees fees or tournament/league entry fees. Students may be required to buy a T-shirt which will serve as their uniform.

Students in grades 4 to 8 are provided with an opportunity to take part in intramurals. The main purpose of intramurals is to allow students to make constructive use of leisure time.